YYC Burger Battle: Calagary's Newest Food Fest For the love of YYC Burgers - An epic battle for Burger Supremecy. Friday May 26th to Sunday June 4th 2017

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    Epic Burgers All Over Town
    The 2017 Burger Battle has contenders from
    over 50 of Calgary's best restaurants.
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    Who Will Reign Champion
    Seek Out The Best Burgers!
    Use Social Media To Win Prizes!
    Vote for your favourite!
The YYC ( Calgary ) Burger Battle is a burger fest of epic proportions.
With over 50 of Calgary's best restaurants taking part it will be almost too easy to find the perfect burger.
This burger battle is brand new this year and aims to raise money for 2 local charities, this year and every year going forward!
View this years charities
The YYC Burger Battle crew are all unpaid volunteers. We are a group of people who in early 2017 got together to fill the need for an epic burger fest in calgary! We are 10 local Calgarians who love burgers. View our Bio's Here
Everywhere. Seriously!
There are so many places you'd be hard pressed not to find one by accident, but in case you want to find one here we have a few options to narrow down your search.
  1. View a Map Based List of ALL the Burgers
  2. View a Filterable List of ALL the Burgers
  3. Search for a Keyword, Your Favourite Ingredient or Restaurant Name
Eat burgers, support charities, have fun, maybe win something. Do you really need any more reasons?!
Registration is now closed. Please contact us early to make sure your restaurant in included next year.

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Go forth and consume burgers!